siapa baca?

masih ada yang baca ke post blog ni? hope that none of you are my friend.


Okay ini serious matter.

Macam mana nak dapatkan restu parents untuk kerja? Its been almost 6 month I'm unemployed. Both of my parents wont let me working far away from home, but then most of the call I got for interview are quite far from shah alam.

I need to work. I need money. I need to gain new experience. But at the same time, i need restu from mak abah. Takde restu, takde lah kerja.

Help me!!

I keep pujuk hati that everything happened for a reason. Allah knows the best. Allah tahu.

Qawiy sikit hati tu!

Random thought #1


Aku rasa aku manusia paling bertuah.
Kadang rasa I'm all alone over here, but then I realize there are few people out there who still care about me.

Orang yang selalu mendoakan aku tanpa pengetahuan aku

Orang yang selalu care and trying to stand with me dalam susah senang

Orang yang selalu bersedia mendengar masalah berkongsi pendapat

Orang yang tak pernah mengeluh bila aku kata aku ada masalah, aku stress

Dan..orang yang terima aku seadanya sebaik dan seburuk aku.

Thanks to those who keep staying besides me. It means a lot. Likeeee a lottt

And thanks to the person yang pergi dari hidup aku. Seriously you taught me what is life.

Random thoughts before going to sleep because kak senah just sent me that quote. Well yaa, she is the best among the best.

Love yaaa. ❤



Its been a year.

arghh how I miss to share my stories and random thoughts here. And nahh, I think I have been cured from heart broken. eheh. Nope, I mean heart broken because of I lost my bestfriend. Its not that he died or something bad happened to him. He got new life and he didnt need me so yeahhh good bye friend!
*forgive my grammar and berterabur punya ayat*

King of comeback after a year.

Got lots of stories to share out with you guys. I think so.

Will update soon. Tak solat Isyak lagi ni.

Love yaaa.